Hive Global Leaders: The community who is all in, with honor and love, for a better world.

I had the amazing opportunity to attend Hive Global Leaders Program last december, let me explain you what is Hive. For me, Hive is the community of global-shapers who are passionate enough to work with the sole purpose of creating a better world.

The 3-day program includes conferences, workshops and group-activities related to leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation, social enterprises, technology, art, politics, mindfullness. The program is based on the Harvard Graduate School Leadership Institute, the Harvard Business School MBA program, the Singularity University Executive Program, the Stanford Designing Your Life course, the Art of Living Happiness Program, the Landmark Curriculum for Living, and the work of GoogleX innovator Tom Chi. These are the 9 coolest things about this program:

1) Family-like environment

My group, new family.

2) I met some of the most amazing persons in the world

I met some of the most amazing persons of the world and made real connection with them. The atmosphere is incredible, my group leader introduced me a guy and 3o seconds after, we were talking about a possible business collaboration. All the participants started offering you valuable things: contacts, potential collaborations, business ideas, their vision of the world, experiences, recommendations, stories, friendship.

I made a lot of friends in less than 4 days. Now, I have a couch to crash in more than 15 countries.

Hive 11, 85+ participants from 30+ countries.

3) We were all teachers and students

Talking with Hivers.

4) The world need purpose-driven leaders

These leaders want to create purpose-driven organizations, and being surrounded by these people, working in this direction, inspired me.

5) Inspiration

The Global Grand Challenges.

You will hear stories from people working for the folks that live with less than 2 dollars a day in communities of Uganda, México or Syria. And stories from people who are working in corporations like Google, Airbnb, Microsoft and want to make social impact.

It also reinforce my attitude of being optimistic, we have figured out and solved many complex problems, we have the tools to solve what’s next. As Tom Chi said, we only have two limitations: physics and psychology, and most of the time, the problem is not related to physics.

What are we waiting for?

6) College education should be like this program

Hive teaches you to think globally and when you come back, you have what’s necessary to act locally and start making impact, because giving water, food, access to healthcare, education to a single person, actually matters, by that you start changing the world.

7) Rapid prototyping

8) I took my life to the next level

Sharing my life purpose.

9) San Francisco

San Francisco, California.

If you are interested in Hive, contact me so I can pass your information to the Hive team.

-Guillermo Herrera.

Contact: Facebook, LinkedIn.




Sicientist in training at @MIT @medialab Center Bionics

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